I’m playing a little bit of hooky to upload some test photos. These are brought to you by my new Nikon D700 that arrived this evening, just as the light was beginning to disappear. Perfect for testing out the ISO performance right out of the gate!

      I signed for package, ripped it open, put in a freshly charged battery, attached my 50mm f/1.4 lens, applied the menu settings to my usual liking. Love how the controls are pretty much the same as the D300! No need to flip through manuals. Not that I did that anyway with the D300 when I first got it, heh. With that done, all that was left was to snatch myself a Bunny Rabbikins to be my first subject.

      First shot with the D700!!

      50mm, f/1.4, 1/250 sec, ISO 3200

      Oops. Forgot to turn off the AF assist light. It made Bunny all squinty, and you can see it reflecting off his left eye. Dan says he looks like he just crash landed on this planet, and I caught him as he’s crawling out of his smoldering space craft. Ha ha!

      First shots with D700

      50mm, f/1.4, 1/250 sec, ISO 3200

      I’ve had the 50mm for 3 years now, the first lens I ever purchased, and on a full-frame camera it’s like I bought whole new lens! For free! I’ve always felt it was a little too long for indoor shots, but on the D700 I was able to get these shots of Bunny comfortably. No having to crush myself against a wall.

      After a couple indoor shots with Bunny, I went up on the roof deck to do some dusky city shots. As luck would have it, our neighbor’s cat Bella emerged from her rooftop hatch just as I was ready to shoot. She comes and goes as she pleases, and glimpses of her are few and far between. She usually scurries off when she sees me. If I could chase her and make her be my friend, believe me I would. But I’m too scared I’d like, plummet to my death in the process. Luckily today, she decided to grace me with her fluffy presence for longer than usual, and sat close enough for me to get some really pretty photos of her enjoying the sights and sounds of Boston at dusk. I feel really lucky to have gotten these!

      Bella on the roof

      Bella on the roof

      Also taken at f/1.4, 1/250 sec, ISO 3200. Noise? What noise?
      PS I kind of wish we could let our boys hang outdoors like this. But they don’t have Bella’s rooftop smarts.

      I’m so looking forward to shooting with the D300+17-55mm and D700+50mm at a wedding in October! Hopefully I won’t be telling myself afterwards that I need another lens. The credit card needs a major breather.  I do think I can make these pairings work, so woot woot! I’m a full-framed gal!

      Bella on the roof


      congrats on the d700. i’ve been thinkin’ about getting a full frame camera myself. it was tough getting used to the 1.5x on the dslr when i was used to the way things looked on film. anyhow, i’ve been enjoying watching you build your business.

      Gorgeous shots on the roof!! The colors are amazing. I love that you got this camera – when I read the specs on it I get all dreamy and want to toss my canon gear and run away with a nikon. :)

      Beautiful shots, Li! You have me jealous of the full frame, but mostly the low-light/no noise combo. What I wouldn’t give for a camera that can deal with high ISOs. But seriously, back to your pics…BEEE-UTIFUL! Have fun with the new baby! :)

      congrats on the new equipment. xmas in september — woohoo! 2nd to last shot rocks.

      Great, great shots, the light is fantastic on the roof! <3

      Congrats on the new baby. Love, love, love that fourth shot.

      Wow, these photos are absolutely amazing! I see no evidence of high ISO whatsoever. And your neighbor’s cat makes a perfect model. I can’t believe she just prances around on the rooftops like that. Are there photo competitions for pet photogs?

      Yay for new toys! Have fun w/ it. The light in the rooftop shots is amazing! And that bokeh rocks. Can I move in… I will sleep on the roof? :)

      Congrats on the new toy!! Love the colors! The 2nd and the 3rd I absolutely love, and 3200 ISO??? Can’t tell! They look great! Makes my want of a new camera that much greater!! :)

      I am totally doing the full-frame debate at the moment! They are so darn expensive and I am SOO jealous!

      I got so excited about the new camera, I forgot to mention your great pictures! Love the second one of Bunny.

      Congrats on the D700! I envy you! I love the rooftop shots. The cityscape bokeh is beautiful!

      GORGEOUS pictures,and felines!!