Floyd is one lucky and cherished puppy. His parents have been searching high and low for a someone like him, and when the opportunity suddenly presented itself, they were on a plane to Ohio lickidity split to bring him home. They weren’t looking just for any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you see. They were looking for the PERFECT Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A rescue.

      Floyd was saved from a puppy mill that was going to, you know, let him go, because he didn’t have the right coloring. Ugh! Who cares about coloring when such character is to be had! This little guy is just full of personality and confidence. I called him the Mayor of Boston because he had to stop for everyone and say hello, especially for his fellow four-legged citizens. The two-legged animals were quite eager to make his acquaintance as well. It might have been a little foolish on my part to have Floyd and his mom meet me at the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Public Garden. All the children! All the squealing! You would have thought Paul McCartney had just showed up. Floyd spent the first ten minutes signing autographs before we had to pry him away for his photo shoot.

      OK so I don’t want to interject the photos (lots of them! so hard to narrow down!) with too much text so I’ll just say upfront what fun this shoot was. So, so fun. There was his mom, his mom’s friend, me and Dan, all working hard for the money (one of these shoots I swear I will hire a photog of my own to take behind-the-scenes shots. We must have looked INSANE).
      There was much laughing. And near wipe-outs in the mud.
      There was an actress with her German shepherd who Floyd befriended in Beacon Hill.
      There was an enormous Chocolate Lab with whom itty bitty Floyd fearlessly engaged in a Showcase Showdown for the return of his stuffed toy.
      There were shots in a flower pot in front of Senator Kerry’s townhouse.
      There was a huge group of German tourists walking up Acorn St. who made such a commotion over Floyd that I got in some trouble with a resident.  I think I’m officially banned from shooting there again. Oops!

      But it was all totally worth it! So without further ado…

      Floyd's spread

      Shimmery eyes


      Floyd, 13 weeks

      A case of the floppy ears


      Showcase Showdown with Cookie




      Floyd is duckling-sized

      Floyd as Ambassador to Germany



      Floyd likes flowers

      A perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. Thank you for being so charming Floyd, and see you again soon!


      oh good lord. I sort of want to call up my breeder and get another Cavalier puppy. Floyd is adorable and I’m so glad he found a good home!

      Floyd is SO cute. Omg. I love all the photos. The ones w/ the lab are too funny… it really puts his size into perspective.

      *squeals* Oh he is ADORABLE!

      he is so precious. i miss that little guy!!!!!! great picks on the photos.

      He is so little and scruffy! I love him!

      I love these pictures and Floyd too! He is sooo cute! He is truly lucky to have such great parents (and a great photo shoot.)

      my favorite session to date. now i see why my wife loves this breed so much.

      So, so, SO adorable! I can bareley stand it. Love the pict of him and the duck!

      Oh. My. Lord. How could he NOT cause a commotion?? Makes me want to go get one myself!! Love the photos! Especially the one of him in the purpl-ish flowers, and the ones of him with the chocolate. Great!

      I just simply adore the picture of him with the make way for ducklings statue. Adore it!! Soooo not fair you have that statue close by! You better take lots and lots of cute pictures there! :) ;)

      What an adorable guy! The fight with the Lab is my favorite, followed closely by the tourists loving on him.

      A movie star! The duck and Floyd gazing upward is very creative. Nice photographs.

      That dog is adorable. You got some great shot of catching this playful pup. You had an interesting choice of where to put your logo on the dog carrier picture. :)

      What a cutie! Beautiful pictures.

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