Meet Clive, the sweetest Springer Spaniel in the South End. He’s 10 months old and still has floppy puppy ears and big puppy paws. He received a grooming just before the shoot (hee hee, don’t you just love dog parents), so he was so soft and so pretty that my pronoun usage lapsed once again and all day I was referring to Clive as a “she.” Sorry Clive! But on this shoot Clive ate a lot of treats, and did it while on the forbidden leather couch, gasp. So I hope that makes up for my gender slip-ups.

      Clive enjoying treats

      Clive anticipating

      Clive relaxes

      It wasn’t until I was cycling through some of the first shots that I noticed Clive’s extremely exotic eye color, which pierced through the camera’s LCD screen like a shard of ice. One eye is brown, while the other is brown and blue. AND white. A little crescent without pigment.

      Clive and his beautiful eyes



      Clive at home

      Clive playing ball

      His multi-colored eyes were beautiful and so great to photograph, but they were just a few of the many reasons why shooting Clive was so fun and so rewarding. Not only was he gorgeous, he had the most wonderful personality and was game for anything, like playing ball and wandering all around South End in search of pretty light and interesting textures for him to sit next to. :)

      Here we are playing fetch at Blackstone Park, an unofficial dog park in the South End.

      Clive wants the ball

      Clive and a tennis ball

      Then we got in some pretty sun shots in front of the community garden (no dogs allowed, too bad) in Rutland Square.

      Clive in the sun

      Sunsplashed Clive

      And against some very cool textures on nearby walls.

      Clive and diagonals

      Clive and diagonals

      Clive against a cool mural

      Clive and a mural

      I am ENAMOURED with the way his ice-blue eye just pops. So striking against his black fur.

      And finally, some shots inside the courtyard between the SOWA galleries before we headed home.

      Clive and bikes

      Clive and a bike

      Clive in lights

      Clive walking home

      I absolutely love urban shoots, especially when they occur in my neighborhood. I’m getting more familiarized with the area, and not just what parks and what stores are where, but what the light is doing off of/through/around what wall/group of trees/building at what time, heh. I’m becoming a light and wall nerd, or something, and happily so.

      Also happily, the more I shoot around here, the more connected I feel to the community. So I’m very glad to have met new friends who I can wave hello to when we see each other at the corner coffee shop. Thank you Clive, Shannon, Mike and for the fun-filled shoot! See you around the neighborhood!


      Wow! These are absolutely amazing photos…I wish I could show you around Richmond Virginia. There’s an edgy urban flare down here that I haven’t been able to find in safe areas up north.

      If you’re ever in the area, give me a hollar!

      LOVE the movement and perspective of that B&W shot in front of the bike. Awesomeness.

      Well, we always thought Clive was pretty cute (a bit biased of course) but nothing compares to seeing these everyday moments through an artist’s eye. We can’t stop oohing and aahing! Thank you, Li, for making this so special….and so totally fun. Your work is truly amazing.

      I was happy to see pictures of my little “grand-dog” Clive on your website! (I am Shannon’s Mom) Shannon called me and let me know that our little Clive was featured on your website, so of course I had to look at the pictures right away! Since we don’t live in Boston, I don’t get to see Clive very often, but we love every minute that we get to spend with him! The pictures are great! You certainly captured his charming little spirit! His unique little eye does, indeed, make him even more adorable; Shannon and Mike are very fortunate to have found such a sweet little dog; I know they will treasure these special pictures of their little friend.

      beautiful shots! i have a liver (brown) and white springer, so i fell in love with clive immediately! someday i’m going to have to get you down to DC to shoot my pups :D

      I think I like him in front of the Black and Red painting the best. It looks like she’s looking at him specifically.

      oh my goodness, these are fantastic! makes me even more excited to shoot with you in a month from now! lovely work!!!

      These are fabulous!! I love all the cool color & texture backgrounds you found… what a fantastic eye you have!

      Clive has got the greatest smile. Love the shots with the green grass backdrops. Brilliant! Come to Australia, pleeeeeeeeaaasssee !!!! I have three in the menagerie just waiting for you! LOL

      *LOVE* the “obey” shot!

      I love the wide variety of shots you have here. Very fun! Love his blue eye too. Nice work!

      I liked the post and your writing style. I’m adding you to my RSS reader.

      Greetings from Tim. :)

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