The cats are getting up there in age. I think at 13-ish years, they are officially old, if not elderly. So it’s no surprise that most of the time, the cats are like this:

      Lap Cat

      Occassionally though, something lights the little kitten wick hidden underneath their fair bellies, and when that happens, they’re like this!

      Cat fight!

      Cat fight!

      Their cat fights can get vicious! There’s muffled cries, tufts of fur flying everywhere, and angry, puffy tails. Well, one angry, puffy tail. Bunny’s nubby tail is such that it cannot puff. It cannot puff.

      They fight every now and then and it’s always so funny. I love the way their paws separate into little furry hands and the shape their mouths make when they get the air knocked out of them. Their urge to wrestle though happen unexpectedly or in too-short spurts, and almost always when the camera is in the other room. When I do happen to have my camera within reach, just the act of turning it on takes too long, or if I manage to get that far, me creeping in close distracts them from fighting that they stop as soon as I’m ready to shoot.

      I think I have to go all NatGeo on them and wait inside a box in order to catch them in action.

      But one pretty good indicator that a rumble is coming is if there’s a cat in the litterbox. The sound of one cat finishing up his business and scratching the box alerts the other to get into position for an ambush at the bathroom door. A mad fight ensues. I happened to be ready this day to document the initial ambush of Veebs. He was doing his thing and scratching madly at the side of the box (stupid cat) and I watched Bunny lower himself into stalk mode. Game ON! Camera’s set, finger’s on the shutter.

      But it was still so hard to photograph them! They would swipe, do nothing, swipe, do nothing, run, sit, sit, sit, lunge. During their periods of inactivity I would bring the camera down from my face, and that was precisely when they would suddenly lunge at each other. Crazy unpredictable buggers.

      Here they are hopping around with dilated pupils. I really wanted an all out thrown-down but this will do.

      Cat fight!

      Cat fight!

      ^ Note that Veebs has all paws off the ground in the third shot, ha ha!

      Cat fight!

      Cat fight!

      Puffy tail!!

      The quality of these photos isn’t so great. High shutter speed in a dark, litter-filled hallway (I was about to vacuum it up when they started fighting), and a lot of cropping because I stood back to shoot. But you get the idea. They crack me up. I have so, so many photos of them sleeping/lounging/sitting. So the goal for this year is to catch more of them in action, before they become too infirmed to move.


      Heehee, I was wondering when you were going to catch them in action!

      We call this Ninja Kitties in our house :-)

      Love these!! Made me laugh and made my entire day!

      I love these furballs. Nice action shots!

      Love these pictures! My pooch is at the same age, same habits, sleeping most of the day to gather up strength for a midday walk and then for the evening when my husband returns and the antics begin! It’s adorable when she passes by her little pile of toys and she suddenly decides the froggy-ball gave her The Look, and then She’s Off! Can’t wait to see more of Veebs and Bunny in Action!
      p.s. I Love the Mid-Air kitty shots! (kinda like a Jordan-esque move, kitty-style!)

      I love the transformation from the serene highness on your lap to complete lift-off from the floor!

      This is hilarious!! I know so little about cats and had no idea they fight like this!! They remind me of Scooter & Simone. :)

      I love the small furballs you captured on the carpet in the big fight scene. (My furballs are, ahem, not from fighting but more from a cleaning deficiency.)

      The action shot Veebs in the air is fantastic! This does look like kittie Ninja. Our cats have kittie smackdown. It’s a little more teeth and “fists” and less stalking and it always is over ownership of a particular chair.

      Hysterical! What a fun series of photos to have – particularly with all paws in the air or thwacking across a sibling’s face! Pets seem to provide the best damn combination of entertainment and affection, enjoy!

      Ha! This is EXACTLY why I want to get another cat from the ARL. We have a 3 year old who would love his life even more if he could ambush, be ambushed, wrestle and cuddle with another kitty. Love it. And I was surprised to see Bunny’s tail! My mom’s cat has a tail just like it.

      LOVE these photos! We call puffy tail “squirrel tail” in our house. Too cute!

      Hah! Love the action shots!
      My two cats do the same litter tray ambush thing- very weird.
      I’m inspired to try more action shots myself : )