It’s been a busy, busy last several months here at the Fat Orange Cat HQ. I’ve been posting a lot about what Parrott Design Studio and I have been up to, and I’m gonna do it again today! There have been so many projects since her wedding in September. We worked together to get her 2011 limited edition calendars ready for sale, then I did some lettering for her and her sister’s holiday cards, not to mention designing wedding albums for her and Rich’s parents, and another project I’m still working on. Then we dove into getting more meaty, business-related items accomplished: for me that was The Orange Parrott Collection – the custom Save-the-Date cards – and for her, a suite of letterpress printed wedding invitations that will be part of a whole new collection for 2011.

      The “Debra” collection was finished just in time for the Open House. It happens to be in my favorite color combination of all time. I have book covers and wallpaper samples just in that shade of lemony yellow. Love how this all turned out. And so relieved to have executed a serviceable “D”. Capital D’s scare me.

      This was the sneak peek of the invitations, in digital form…

      …and the real stuff in all its lemony goodness.

      "Debra" collection, Parrott Design Studio

      "Debra" collection, Parrott Design Studio

      "Debra" collection, Parrott Design Studio

      "Debra" collection, Parrott Design Studio


      "Debra" collection, Parrott Design Studio

      Engaged couples looking for elegant but fun handmade invitations that are good enough to eat, contact Sarah today and inquire about the Debra collection! The sooner the better :)

      Oh man. I love letterpress. I wish there were more time in the day to be able to learn all the things I want to do!

      Next up: a 100% hand-lettered invitation set. I’ve just started coming up with some styles for this! A fun and challenging project.

      Behind the Scenes

      "Debra" collection, Parrott Design Studio

      Lots and lots of writing. Too much writing. Firstly it’s to loosen up the hand and secondly it’s to get the D under control and thirdly it’s because it has to be just. right.


      I have been following your blog since back in your predominantly knitting days… I just have to comment that these invitations are absolutely stunning! Your calligraphy is divine and to have it letter-pressed!? I love it!

      I love the SURPRISE cat shot in the middle.

      I wish I could do caligraphy. Yours is gorgeous.

      These are gorgeous! I love the color combination and I’m a huge fan of letterpress! So beautiful!