Last week I held my first Open House at Audrey’s on Newbury Street. It was a smashing success, even better than I could have imagined. And I only say that because I hardly remember what happened. Suddenly I was collapsed at home on the couch, happy, hoarse, and STARVING because I forgot to eat. Good sign of good times, right?

      I had albums and canvases propped on shelves all over the store and a slideshow of favorite pet and wedding photographs scrolling on the TV.  Parrott Design Studio had their suite of letterpress printed wedding invitations nestled in between bags of dog food, and their big binder of stationery samples sat atop a cat scratching post. My sister-in-law Meg took charge of the drinking station in the back of the store, surrounded by cushy piles of dog beds, and The South End Buttery catered the food, none of which I ate (talking talking talking!) but heard was very delicious. Oh I did have one cupcake! That I remember.

      Here are some new wedding canvases for the Open House, waiting to be displayed. No need for pet ones – Audrey’s has seven of them on the walls already!



      And floral arrangements by Petalena, made pet-friendly:

      Beautiful spring bridal bouquet of tulips, ranunculus (swoon), sweet pea (swooon),
      peonies (swooOOoOOoon) anchored by a ruffle of sage. HOLD ME!

      florals by Petalena

      Show time!



      I was still setting up when people started arriving. You guys are punctual. I was still setting up 15 minutes in, heads down, running around, moving things, forgetting things, panicking, and then decided to just let it go and Start Mingling. Otherwise known as The Whole Point of this Open House.

      The Buttery


      Parrott Design Studio

      Welcome table


      on display



      raffle table


      With so many great raffle prizes, we raised over $400 for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Thank you to Brittany, Sarah, Apryl of Petalena Flowers, Jennifer of Esq. Events, Kerrie of Back Bay Framery, as well as Grettacole and Top of the Hub for your contributions!

      your hosts

      Your hosts above, L-R: Brittany, owner of Audrey’s and Sarah of Parrott Design Studio
      Your host below: Me with four-legged friend Emma, my husband Dan and his sister Meg


      THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came to the Open House and making it such a fun evening. Maybe we’ll have to make this an annual thing!

      All Open House photos by my kitty-in-law Lisa Rigby
      (our cats are bros, and ARL Boston alumi!)


      Yay!!! Loved reliving all of these through the photos. The night flew by and I cannot believe it was 10:30 when we finally left. Congrats, Li. What a great success!!

      AMAZING!!! Congrats on such a successful night!

      So. Much. Fun. For Brewer too! Congrats on a successful night!

      looks like a great time! and i just LOVE your logo on the canvas prints!! congrats on a great night.

      I’m so glad we were there! It was a fantastic open house, Li.

      so, so awesome! looks like it was a fabulous time!

      Wow you have set a new bar on open houses!

      This looks amazing. Hope I can come next time :)

      Great to have dinner with you this week.

      Looks like a fantastic event! Congratulations!

      Emma is very excited about being on your blog… :) congrats on the open house, Li! it was a hit!

      I regret missing your Open House – so much fun! Congrats on a successful event.