Over the summer I had an epiphany: I must have my own custom heraldry. Instead of lions the crest will be flanked by a pair of house cats. They will be orange. Duh. One of the cats will be plump and it will have an orange patch on its right arm, and he will be VanBuren, my dearly departed fat orange kitty after whom I named the company. The crest will be adorned with a crown of flowing wisteria and anchored at the base with a small grouping of rowhouses.  Inside the crest will be a monogram. What will the monogram stand for? Fat Orange Cat of course, and in the vein of traditional monograms, we will treat “Cat” as the family name and place its initials in the center. This heraldry will serve as my new business logo with the crest signifying marriage and familial heirlooms, as I hope my weddings photos will become, and the cats representing beloved family pets.

      FOC_crest_400w logo

      When I came across wedding photos of Julie Song and the invitations she created  over a year ago, my teeth and knees hurt so much. The loveliness of her watercolors, her way around the curves of a letter…muah, exquisite. But then pain set in, first in my molars and spreading to my knees. Because there was nothing I could do to possess that kind of talent. I was not born Julie. Well if I couldn’t be Julie Song then I had to have Julie Song: I was desperate to find a reason to hire her. I don’t have a party to throw, no wedding to announce, but I do have the next best thing – my own business! And a business reason is about a good a reason as can be for acquiring what you need, am I right?!

      These were the prelim sketches I sent to Julie:

      foccrest_sketches logo

      Like I said I had it all in my head. I just needed Julie’s magic touch, and now I’m so excited and thankful to have a piece of her illustration to call my own. It’s a great way to start the new year with a new logo and a new site. To see more of Julie’s wonderful calligraphy and watercolor work, go to her website, and then bug her to update her blog more often! I can’t get enough of her work.

      Happy 2014 everyone!



      Li! It looks amazing and fits you (and your business!) perfectly. Congratulations!

      Thank you so much Meredith!

      Gorgeous, Li!! Congratulations!

      Amazeball! I love how even the thinnest strokes have a richness of many colors!

      I know right? It’s so delicate and delicious.