Ever since our book Rescue Pets of Boston came out in late October, Brittany and I have been in overdrive pushing sales of the book as this year’s purrfect holiday gift. We tried to take advantage of the pre-holiday timing as much as possible with a small publicity tour (aka book signings at a number of awesome local retailers) and online press articles: the book was featured on Elements of Style, Daily Candy, and Design*Sponge!

      Of course our goals for the book goes way, way beyond holiday sales. We have big plans for 2014. But even we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the new year than to talk about the book in a live, on-air interview, courtesy of our local Fox News station! This happened just this morning. I absolutely did not want to be on camera so Brittany took the reigns and she was FABULOUS. Poised and well-spoken and not the least bit nervous, even though she was. The interview was a full four minutes and live with no delays for curses or flub-ups or wardrobe malfunctions, all of which would have happened to me had I been on air. Spontaneous Tourette’s, I call it. Various sides of my head did make it on-air though – they scrolled through a few of our behind-the-scenes photos which I thought was pretty funny. My favorite they used was the one of Brittany and Bingley nose kissing, ha ha.

      Below are a few behind-the-scenes from this morning’s interview taken with a dSLR and iPhone. The video is at the bottom of this post. Great job Brittany!! Thank you Joy Lim Nakrin and the folks at Fox for having us on!






      The full interview:

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