Hooray for winter weddings! Another hooray for teeny tiny weddings! I had a wonderful time hanging out with Kate & Phil and their immediate family as they gathered for an intimate ceremony inside Back Bay’s Ames-Webster Mansion. Kate’s dress is by J.Crew, lipstick by Tarte, and her bouquet is courtesy of that little flower stand next to the Back Bay Station. Heh. We started at the Lenox Hotel and then everyone walked together to the house. The wedding party was so small and the mansion was so enormous (and on sale for $18 million!!) that we were all able to fit comfortably in the staircase landing, where the ceremony was performed. Cocktails, toasts, and dinner afterwards at Gaslight Brasserie in the South End. Kate & Phil then jetted off to Paris and were married again in an even more intimate and romantic ceremony. Just the two of them. This was all a far cry from their original plan of a large Boston hotel wedding in the summer. Smaller and simpler suited them to a T. Congrats to you both!


      Oh, my goodness. There is so much to love about this wedding!

      I love simple weddings. :)

      Beautiful photos! The wedding looks perfect!