All photos courtesy of Melanie Mauer Photography

      I did a whole bunch of lettering throughout last year for Tiffany & Brandon’s September 2011 wedding in Kentucky. Photographer Melanie Mauer was nice enough to send these photos of a few pieces on the job. In addition to the table cards and escort cards seen above, I also lettered place cards, their Save the Date envelopes and their main invitation envelopes. I wish I could show you some photos of the main invitations but they do not exist. I ran out of time because, as usual, lettering takes about 100x’s longer than I always think it will! So I am really happy to see these in action. You can see more from Tiffany & Brandon’s lovely wedding here.

      So, to interested calligraphy parties, I have finally learned my lesson when it comes to estimating these projects. It is so very labor-intensive (an entire season of MI-5 played in the background before I completed a set of envelopes), and as much as I love the whole process (I got paid to watch an entire season of MI-5!), I must keep my priorities on the photography aspect of my business. So I am taking a very limited amount of calligraphy clients this year. They need to be all officially in the books months in advance (ie if you need to get your invites out by July, you will need to book so that I may set aside time for lettering in April or May. If you’re mailing your invites out in March, it’s already too late). So if you’re right now even slightly sort of maybe thinking about incorporating hand-lettering into your wedding, give yourself a day or two to decide if it’s a definite yes, and if it is, contact me ASAP!


      Oh wow. Seeing your timeline for lettering has slammed home just how far behind I am on this wedding planning thing. Yikes!