Hobbes & Hazel




      Here at last is Hazel, roommate and secret confidante of Hobbes. She tried to hide in boxes and on top of tucked away suitcases and underneath the long coats hanging on the coat rack, but those kinds of “oh I’m just a shy kitty don’t get too close to me” shenanigans don’t work with me, no way. I will find you all and I will pet you and then I will take your picture. And maybe try to kiss you.


      Hazel is so cute! The look she is giving you in nearly every photo is so funny! Looks like she can’t believe you found her again! ;) Nice work.

      This is so funny. I wonder how’d you do at my house. If you have food, Jaffrey will be your best friend. If you have a feather, Cosmo may show interest. But I’d love to see someone kiss them! They’d secretly love the attention.

      She has a bib and mittens like Casey. Unlike Casey, that last photo looks like she is planning your demise.

      I love Hazel! Her old granny scowl is the best!!

      the one in the box is my favorite… the look… lol… love it… good post –

      Haha! These are great! Love the pinball machine pic…the look on her face is priceless!

      What a beautiful cat! There’s something about those torties…

      I love the look on her face in the one on top of the pin ball machine. There is so much being said in that look.

      Oh my gosh, Hazel could be related to my Bo. See the photo of Bo at this page:

      Such a sweet face Hazel has. Torties are a personality all of their own. She’s beautiful. I love the one in the box.