Bunny, in the tub, where he’s drawn a bubble bath for two…

      Bubble bath time, xoxo Bunny


      VanBuren, in the boudoir, where a neck massage awaits…

      Happy Valentine's Day, xoxo Veebs


      Happy Valentine’s Day!

      OH and Happy Chinese New Year too!


      Ah! I love it! Happy Valentines Day! Looks like they’re enjoying it! Love the first shot in the tub btw!

      So adorable! Love these kittehs!!

      AW!! Sending big belly rubs and neck massages to the furry ones! :o) Adorable! Hope you guys have a great day!

      Oh my god, I love Bunny in the tub. I can’t wait for you to photograph my menagerie of pets.

      that first shot is stellar~!

      Echoing the others, I love the shot of the Bunny in the tub!

      Happy Chinese New year too!
      May you receive loads of Red Packets!!
      (even though you’re technically married :P )
      I love the expressions of Bunny and Veebs.
      Simply too cute!

      Bwahaha… I love it! I hope you guys had as romantic a Valentine’s day as Bunny & Veebs ;)

      I have been to your site several times now, and this time I am adding it to my bookmarks :) Your posts are always relevant, unlike the same-old stuff on other sites (which are coming off my bookmarks!) Keep it up!