Found, while going through some old-ish photos of the boys. Only a more million to go.

      1. His and His


      2. Fresh Produce



      3. Shopping Bag, Two Ways



      I’ve been slowly updating and rearranging photos in my portfolio. I’ve grouped the Dogs and Cats galleries into categories of Portraits, Play, Relax and Artsy, rather than categories based on individual clients. The Dogs gallery has an additional Puppy category. No Kitten category yet for Cats – I hope that will change soon! My cat section is still rather thin overall, I’ll be beefing those sections up.

      P.S. Something funky is going on with the images on the sections pages of the site (about, pricing). They don’t seem to be loading completely, although this isn’t happening on the “contact” page. I am annoyed. I hate Flash.


      I love the shoe box one. Veebs is looking at Bunny like, “Dude, you’ve got it all wrong.” Or, “Yeah, that’s right, you got stuck with the small box. Hehe.”

      Hello, I have learnt so much from your posts.. thnx,
      I love your color tone, and how capture the moment

      here are some of my cats pics

      so i wouldn’t call myself a cat person; i’ve never had one, and i just feel like i have no clue how to connect with them like i do dogs. BUT your cats totally make me want some. they are HILARIOUS!