What a wedding this was! Jacques and Mai chose to make their day a true celebration of friendship and family, and weren’t afraid to stray from the wedding norm. Their “first look” meant that they got ready, together, in the home they share. It was the groom who buttoned up the bride with their cat overseeing the process. So many buttons and hooks down the back of her dress and I must say out of all the mothers and bridesmaids who have attempted this feat, Jacques did it the most efficiently and with the greatest of ease. The wedding was held at Oleana Restaurant in Cambridge, one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. We started with cocktails first before settling down to enjoy a musical performance by Jacques who is a professional cellist. Afterwards, mom and dad from each side of the family gave touching speeches that made my eyes swim with water. Mai and Jacques spoke next. Then they exchanged vows. There was so much happiness and warmth and true affection emanating from this couple to the entire room, city, universe! that it was hard not to be moved by it all…And lest you think I cry at every wedding, the truth is I don’t! But on this day, listening to Mai and Jacques profess their love and respect not only to each other but to their families, it was impossible not to think of your own and to suddenly wish you could be with them now. My family is spread out all over this world and I don’t get to see them very much. I thought of them while photographing and gamely held the camera to my face until all that water obscured my vision! After Mai and Jacques were married,¬†everyone enjoyed a delicious luncheon. An outfit change and a fabulous flamenco dance performance by Mai and her mother followed! For the after-party at a nearby art gallery, Mai switched to her third dress and we took a breather and did some portraits before the festivities began again. It was such an amazing day, a special day, a thoughtful day. Mai made it point to say in her speech that she wanted their celebration to involve all the senses – the warm outdoor air on the skin, the delicious food on the tongue, the beautiful music for the ears, the bold colors of the flamenco dresses for the eyes, and of course the love of family and friends for the soul. They pretty much nailed it, and I am so honored to have been a part of it all.


      Beautiful pictures!

      Perfection! One of my very favorite weddings, and I especially enjoyed your write-up about the day!

      Your photos have made me love our wedding even more!!! Thank you for your sweet touching write up as well:) We love you!