If Jane Eyre were to hire me to be her calligrapher for her wedding invitation…

      Jane Eyre's wedding invitation

      This of course would be letterpressed. And it also pretends that the great chestnut tree did not get spliced in half by lightning, and that Thornfield Hall was not burned to the ground by a crazy person. Among other things.

      If I were able to draw a tree, I would. I can’t draw trees for the life of me.

      As far as the photographs go, I’m sure a little wedding like this would be a feast for the camera. (Is there a real Jane Eyre out there who wants me to photograph their wedding out in the foggy, overgrown wilds of England? Hee?)


      loooove it! I already feel the letterpress printed calligraphy on thick, cotton paper, mmmm….

      I live about 20 miles from Haworth, home of the Brontes, so I will try find you one Li!

      I’d love you to photograph my wedding in February in the Cotswolds but I don’t think my budget stretches to flying you over here!