Spotlight on Veebs

      Our handsome, orange hero sought out a warm patch of sunlight coming in from the skylight in our bedroom. Which was a mess. Still is a mess. But you can’t see the detritus all around him because I spot metered on him in the very bright light, rendering the rest of the frame black. He’s on his duck rug, floating through space and time!


      Wow – I LOVE this photo! So deep. So funny. So cute.

      OMG, this is the best picture ever! You must frame it. The duck rug makes it that much more special.

      Yes! I love old-school photography tricks. This is a great photo. :)

      love this shot!

      omg, that duck rug is the best part! (after sweet Veebs of course!)

      agree – the duck rug makes the image weirdly fantastic… well done!

      I find this photo very inspiring. Very cool!

      You have the cutest cats! I love his duck rug. :)

      One of my all-time favorite VanB pics. And I love the visual pun of the duck rug (from the former incarnation of your other blog).

      Very, very nicely done.

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