I heart you Lisa Rigby for letting me second shoot this wedding! If any of you were in the Boston area for any and/or all part of June, you’ll know how depressingly dismal and dreary and drizzly that entire month was. It was enough to make me scream. This wedding was smack in the middle of all that – but had you been at this wedding you wouldn’t know it. Smiles and crinkly eyes and warm and fuzzies all around, enough to have you convinced that the sun was blazing, the birds were singing, and that you were having a perfect hair day.

      The wedding was set in a mansion on a sprawling homestead outside of Boston. While Lisa was downstairs photographing the bride getting ready, I was upstairs photographing the guys getting ready. I mean, “getting ready.” There’s not much that guys have to do to get ready aside from making sure their flies are zipped. But for my benefit, they made quite a show of primping nonetheless:

      There was also a very jazzy rehearsal of the Hora. They cracked me up.

      Sarah and Oren chose to do a “first look” before the ceremony.

      Then we headed outside in the drizzling rain for a photoshoot along the verdant grounds. All that lush greenery and the mosquitoes and the humidity – it was like being in a jungle but without the decency of having the sun present. But again! You didn’t hear a peep about it from the bride and groom. All I know is that my hair would not have fared as well as hers in that weather, and therefore, I might have complained about the weather more.  Ah, to have such lovely, natural curls…

      Umbrellas everywhere! I was official umbrella holder, but couldn’t resist ditching them a few seconds to sneak some shots in alongside Lisa. Soon the rain started coming down a little more heavily so I had to scamper back to get them – but not without taking a shot of our props first, of course.

      They were such GREAT sports about it all. By the time we were done, the hem of Sarah’s beautiful vintage dress was soaked. But did she care? No!

      I just want you to know that I took these shots – first, above and below – while holding two umbrellas, in one hand. That’s right. Camera, an umbrella to cover Lisa to the right of me, another umbrella to cover me, one hand. We are so awesome and gifted.

      A sweet moment between mother and daughter before they give her away. I kinda get a little teary when I look at this for a second too long.

      A BBQ reception – courtesy of Blue Ribbon Barbeque, my favorite joint EVER –  held outside the mansion, under the prettiest tent I’ve ever seen.

      And a fantastic live band thanks to Bo Winiker & Orchestra.

      All women deserved to be looked at this way by their guy.

      And the same thing applies the other way around.

      The intensity of their gaze was enough to make me not want to take these photos as I felt very much the voyeur, but I’m so glad I caught these. If I’m honest with myself I can’t say – or maybe I don’t know – when was the last time I looked at Dan quite the way that Sarah is looking at Oren. Like she could bore a heart-shaped hole straight through his skull with her eyes. So I went home and thought it was high time I gave my guy the googly, starry eyes treatment. Because he deserves it! So that night, while he played video games, I sat next to him on the couch and I gazed directly and lovingly into his profile. I don’t think he knew what was going on except that in his periphery he could tell I was being “creepy” which was distracting him from his game play. Sigh. No we’re not newlyweds anymore.

      Thanks Lisa for having me second shoot. It was so fun and another great learning experience. Shooting through rain? I can cross that off the list! Shooting a beautiful, joyous couple? I can cross that off too. I enjoyed every minute of it. Congrats Sarah and Oren. You guys were seriously a lovely, LOVELY couple.


      Ha! I think if I tried the googly eyes approach on Rob, I’d be creepy, too.

      Lovely photos! You’re doing a great job capturing.

      They look like a sweet couple. I’m so glad weddings show personality now, rather than the “clean shaven, take out that earring, wear a new dress!” sentiment we would have seen 10 years ago.

      That umbrella shot with the two of them is to DIE for! Beautiful composition, you areally have an eye for this. All the pictures are stunning, I love the brides dress and the simple red flower in her hair. It was brilliant. :)

      Li, all of your photos are SO amazing!! :)

      Ahh! Just looking at these makes me happy! They’re gorgeous, the photos and the couple. Well done.

      Beautiful job, Li. And your storys always make me laugh. I sometimes give my dogs that googly eyed look. Ha – but not my husband!

      Oh wow, these photos are FAB! A gorgeous couple for sure, and Blue Ribbon BBQ… perfect :).

      I LOVE your wedding photography! Very beautiful!!

      Thank you so much, Li! Oren and I had the best time shooting with you and Lisa and we LOVE our photos. Keep up the beautiful work!