Here to start off your week right is this happy little gummy bear named Ruby. She’s a 7 month-old French Bulldog whom I met last weekend. We had a great time playing with her favorite toys and posing around her South End neighborhood. While we were rough housing I kept thinking what a perfect playmate she’d make for my cat Bingley who is about Ruby’s size, density, and energy level. What do you think, can a Maine Coon-type cat and a French Bulldog be friends? Bunny sure would like it to be so. Bunny is our senior kitty who is less than 50% of Bingley’s mass but takes 100% of his beatings. The poor man is practically in a wheelchair but gets knocked over and pulled down by Bingley on a daily basis. A Ruby in our house would stop that! Maybe? Anyway I’m really happy to have been filling my wedding off-season photography adorable pet friends like Ruby. Thank you for spending your Saturday with me!


      ruby_0003.jpg ruby_0004.jpg

      ruby_0016.jpg ruby_0005.jpgruby_0008.jpg ruby_0009.jpgruby_0012.jpg ruby_0011.jpg ruby_0013.jpgruby_0014.jpgruby_0015.jpg



      Love! Last image especially!! Beautiful work Li.

      Oh, I did not want this post to end! Such great images, Li!

      Yes, this last one is a collectible. It’s a timeless gift to Ruby.