Yesterday Sarah came up to Boston with an armful of flowers and a boat load of beautiful props so that we could photograph her new collection of “ready-to-wear” letterpress printed lovelies. With no help from Bingley, determined as he was to eat all the flowers or push every prop off the table ledge, it took us over three hours to style and photograph it all. But everything was so preeeetty! The calligraphy (hand-lettering in the bottom two photos by Grace Edmands Calligraphy), the stamps, the jars and glasses, the invitations. These are some behind the scenes with a couple of sneak peeks of her new collection, all of which will be revealed soon on her brand new site!


      Oh.. so many pretty things! I really, really, REALLY like the way you wrote on the royal blue envelope :)

      So pretty! Gorgeous photos showcasing some gorgeous paper goods. I love Bingley the photo-bomber. What a cute little guy! And by the way, I totally want your brick wall.

      Oh I didn’t write the calligraphy in the last photo! That’s all by Grace Edmands.

      This looks like such a beautiful collaboration! I love the photo on the top right. So lovely! I haven’t seen any ranunculus yet in Texas! I’ll have to search a little harder, I think! Hope you had a great weekend!