In July I traveled to Kinsale, Ireland for several days under the fine Irish sun with the team of Pinhole Press for what they described as a “boondoggle” with fellow photographers, all of whom like me are Pinhole Press ambassadors. Pinhole is a new boutique that transforms your special photos into beautiful paper products for all occasions, from notepads to day planners to – my new favorite – wine labels! In addition to offering these quality products for consumers, they are coming out with some exciting new offerings for the professional photographer as well…that’s on the horizon and it’s going to be really, really great.

      We stayed at a great house in Kinsale, drank, ate, saw the sights, drank some more, ate some more, and spent one morning talking business to make the whole trip legit, heh. I brought only my 35mm film camera and several rolls of Ektar 100. We start off with photos of a cute little mackerel tabby, of course, in an Irish cemetery…





      Awesome editorial photographer Kelsey Foster giving me some posing tips.



      On the right is the wonderful newborn photographer Jessica Washburn.
      She was my roomie!


      Top right is Ned Jackson of Boston! We zigzagged through Heathrow airport, coming AND going, until we cried.





      The Team! We are on the most beautiful cliffy golf course surrounded by water.
      At the back row next to me is Alison and Bart of Pinhole Press, then L-R is Alisha of Clark+Walker Studio,
      Ned of Ned Jackson Photography, Luke of Clark+Walker Studio, Jessica of Jessica Washburn Photography, and Kelsey of Kelsey Foster Photography (this photo taken w/ her digi cam)

      Sign me up for next year!

      Behind the Scenes


      Along with Jessica and Ned, I was stranded in London for a night on the way home. Even though my airport hotel room had a lovely view (not really), it was nice to finally get back home to a tired and worried husband who held that sign at the gate for an entire 20 hours more than he expected to.


      Looks like such an amazing trip! I wish I could go to Ireland someday!

      film is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! these are lovely! thanks for sharing!

      It was an adventure, that’s for sure:). And I couldn’t ask for a better roomie. Love the images!

      Beautiful!! What a wonderful trip!

      Great photos, the one with wild rabbits I love the most :)