This is my cat Bingley and here he is relaxing in his favorite pose in his favorite corner of the house. It gets a warm patch of light from the skylights above, and offers views of fly-by birds and the occasional squirrel. Farther down the hall is a water bowl and the office. From his corner he can watch Bunny drink and watch me work. If he’s less sedate he might get up to jump on my desk, or on Bunny’s back when he’s not looking. But not at this moment. Energy reserves are low. His nose hits his chest. He must nap.



      One of the best Bingley posts, ever!! God he is such a character!!!

      Why is there not a little kitty bed, or at least a bath towel or something in that corner? You are denying him his feline comforts, you know ;).

      Oh he’s got all the accoutrements. But he still loves his cardboard box and hardwood floors the best!

      Oh my word. Could not love these photos more! The majestic kitty, his ridiculous pose, the very best toe floof — and your beautiful floor, the gray walls with the white trim. Everything is pleasing here!