Beth & Karsten were married several weeks ago in New York City. The venue was The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on the Hudson River. I was so excited to kick the season off with my first wedding in New York City, and to have it be filled with many friendly faces – Alison, Chase, Kelsey & Glen! What I didn’t know was the wedding was going to be filled with photographers too. It somehow escaped my knowledge that Karsten is a professional photographer. There was a bit during toasts about Karsten having had a photo published in the Smithsonian magazine, and I was all Uh excuse me what. Hm prob an amateur photography contest be cool. Meanwhile all the hairs on my neck had stood up. Of course it would make sense that many of his colleagues, some from THE NEW YORK TIMES, would be present. I chided myself for not being on top of this piece of information, but honestly it was brief. It being a destination wedding of sorts, nerves were higher than usual for me that day, and I’m really glad I didn’t know. And thank you Karsten for giving me absolutely no hints all day, and letting me do my thing!

      Here are some favorites from Beth & Karsten’s wonderful, emotional celebration, complete with a quick rehearsal, a first look, a tiny Statue of Liberty in the distance, and those exquisite lace sleeves.
      bethkarsten_0002.jpg bethkarsten_0003.jpg bethkarsten_0004.jpg bethkarsten_0009.jpg bethkarsten_0008.jpg bethkarsten_0012.jpg bethkarsten_0005.jpg bethkarsten_0006.jpg bethkarsten_0007.jpg bethkarsten_0010.jpg bethkarsten_0011.jpg bethkarsten_0013.jpg bethkarsten_0014.jpg bethkarsten_0015.jpg bethkarsten_0016.jpg bethkarsten_0017.jpg bethkarsten_0018.jpg bethkarsten_0019.jpg bethkarsten_0020.jpg bethkarsten_0021.jpg bethkarsten_0022.jpg bethkarsten_0023.jpg bethkarsten_0024.jpg bethkarsten_0026.jpg bethkarsten_0025.jpg bethkarsten_0027.jpg bethkarsten_0028.jpg bethkarsten_0029.jpg bethkarsten_0031.jpg bethkarsten_0032.jpg bethkarsten_0033.jpg bethkarsten_0034.jpg bethkarsten_0035.jpg bethkarsten_0036.jpg bethkarsten_0045.jpg bethkarsten_0037.jpg bethkarsten_0038.jpg bethkarsten_0039.jpg bethkarsten_0040.jpg bethkarsten_0042.jpg bethkarsten_0044.jpg

      bethkarsten_0043.jpg bethkarsten_0046.jpg bethkarsten_0047.jpg

      Congrats Beth & Karsten!

      Now for a few behind the scenes. It’s been awhile since I’ve done these.

      bethkarsten_0048.jpg KG_586-FOCStudio.jpg

      From top to bottom:
      Karsten pulled out his camera only once all day. Now that I think about it that must have taken a lot restraint!

      We took majority of portraits on the pier, a lot of them tucked away from the views of the water because it was so bitingly windy. Beautifully coiffed hair was being blown about, and our bride was turning blue! Now you are wondering why there is goofy picture of me there on the right. A gentleman guest asked to take my picture with my camera. Normally I say no. It’s too weird. But this time I handed the camera over. Beth later told me the guest was NEW YORK TIMES CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER, Lee Romero. Who’s feeling goofy now?! A stroke of luck that I didn’t ask him if he needed help working the camera.

      The last photo is from Kelsey’s wedding which I have currently framed because it was published in Rangefinder Magazine. After the wedding I realized Beth’s in the photo. They run in an amazing crowd of friends and family. So happy to have been a part of all this!


      Amazing couple! Amazing photos. Beth & Karsten are the best!

      Li, I got chills looking at these! So beautiful. Great times celebrating B&K!

      Also love the throwback :)

      SO love the way you captured the blue evening sky behind their ceremony… just stunning! A happy wedding day for this crew!

      Bethie, You look absolutely stunning. What a wonderful evening!!
      Love to both of you.
      Uncle Mikey and Aunt Carol