Bunny and Veebs rang in the new year with a little change of sleeping venue. I moved their cat bed from the office upstairs and placed it on top of the radiator cover in the living room. An extra cozy room with a view! Dan joked that by morning we would have a savory cat pie all cooked up. It started snowing and I caught Veebs taking a break from his pre-nap bath to admire the falling flakes (and then later that night, the New Year Eve’s fireworks. Although he wasn’t really too thrilled with that). Later Dan and I ventured outdoors for a little winter walk and mini photo shoot. Eee! I love shooting in the snow! So crisp, clean and bright. Boston looked like a large-scale gingerbread town dusted in confectioner’s sugar and white frosting. I feel like this is really the first time I’m understanding my camera well enough to appreciate the beautiful lighting given off by the snow.

      I’m looking forward to more snowy shoots in 2010!


      Happy New Year to you and your delightful crew there.

      Looks like a beautiful day/evening! Happy New Year!

      Your card leads me to this website. How beautiful these pictures are.
      Hope we can see you soon. Happy New Year.

      Is the cat clapping its paws? Love the images! What a great way to start the day. Thanks for sharing.