Sarah Parrott is not the only one who’s counting down the days to her wedding to Rich this September. I am too! I cannot wait to photograph this DIY, homegrown, on-a-farm wedding. Their lovely letterpressed Save the Date card, which Sarah designed and produced herself, just landed in my mailbox this week. If so much love and attention to detail was poured into this little 5×7 piece of paper, I can only imagine what would happen when given a whole farm to dress head to toe! (Oh there IS another indicator: Sarah’s growing vintage plate collection to be used as the china at he wedding!)

      This past November we had our engagement session and Sarah brought along her magnesium plate that would be used for her letterpressed Save the Date card.

      Sarah & Rich

      Since then she’s been busy putting the plate into action, and you can see it as the rectangular piece raised slightly between the red sparrows. It’s actually a magnet!

      Save the Date

      Save the Date

      Save the Date

      Save the Date

      Calligraphy by Grace Edmands Calligraphy. I want to be a calligrapher too. So badly.

      The wedding will take place at Pineland Farms, an equestrian center and working farm in Maine, and so of course everything horse-y, farm-y and Maine-y is reflected in the cards, right down to the vintage postage stamps.

      Yes Sarah has introduced me to the strange and wonderful world of vintage stamp collecting. Now, I’ve heard of collecting postmarked stamps of course. I did a little of that myself as a kid. But this notion that people have held onto sheets and sheets of stamps for ten, twenty, thirty years – unused! – that then sell for 2 to 3x’s their face value is something else altogether! I am fascinated. And here is Sarah painstakingly collecting and using only the right ones, some of them from the 80’s I think, for her Save the Dates. I can only imagine what the invitations are going to look like…

      Read more about Sarah’s Save the Date cards here on her wedding blog.

      Sarah & Rich album spread

      I {heart} Letterpress


      I heart these very much

      wow — that much into a 5 x 7 card… can you imagine the time and effort they put into one another – into their relationship… what a thought provoking post Li – thank you – Happy Saturday!

      oh man that is GORGEOUS! can’t beat letterpress!

      I love the use of the various Paper Source Portfolios! And I’ve seen these in person and they are fabulous!!!!
      ps: love the new blog header

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