I did a ton of calligraphy commissions in 2012, more than I could have expected, and probably more than I should have taken on! In fact most of the projects were completed between January and May so that I could better focus on wedding photography. I lettered menu boards, save the dates, invitations, envelopes, logos, including my own. There were a bunch of projects I never shared, including one that had me addressing envelopes to Jimmy Fallon, Michael Stipe, and Rachel Ray among others. That was fun. I put all their addresses in my Rolodex after I was done. But I probably shouldn’t share those with you…so here are just a few of my favorites that I can share!

      I’ve been documenting most of my handlettering endeavors now on my Instagram account – check it!

      Sooo pretty! I love your calligraphy, always. I am looking forward to our 2013 collaborations! :)

      LOVE!!! You are so talented, Li!!