Last month I photographed a pre-wedding welcome dinner for the lovely Will & Nisa and their closest friends and family. The venue was held at Gaslight Brasserie in Boston’s South End, but in an old converted factory that would have you believing otherwise.

      There was oodles of style, old-fashioneds, escargot…and napkins. I discovered on this shoot how much I enjoy photographing napkins.

      Photographing beautiful people isn’t so bad, either. Meeraow.

      I second shot their wedding the next day with Lisa Rigby at The Beehive. Stay tuned for photos!

      PS Weird story following this shoot. I went inside to chill for a moment at the bar before I walked home, and chatted a bit with a gentleman there about weddings, the South End, real jobs, dream jobs, dogs, horses…and after a few minutes of this it turns out he is friends of Boo and Ferris, the two Labs I photographed back in May in a small town outside of Boston. Small and random world!


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