This is Katrina and Brian’s wedding at the Atlantica in Cohasset, MA. I believe this couple loves cats more than I do, if that is at all possible! So of course I love them. Here are some favorites from their wonderful, exuberant, emotion-filled day.

      Of course I must end this post with a photo of a photo I took of their meowcat Charlie, who is also featured in my Rescue Pets of Boston book (our launch party was a blast – maybe I’ll do a post on it if I can recover any memory of it!). She is a Bruins fan and has a Cindy Crawford mole. Since their wedding the family has already welcomed a new addition – 10 year-old kitty Maggie from the MSPCA. Hooray for adopting shelter pets, and another hooray for adopting senior citizens! Congratulations to everyone on their new life together!


      Amazing photographer capturing an incredible day!! Love all the photos!