Kelly and John were married on a brisk early spring day at Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod. I am so happy to share their lovely little seaside wedding today, which is brought to you by the color pink…co-starring the brightest most beautiful smile you ever did see…and with special appearance by a pair of black kitty shoes. I told Kelly I was going to photograph the dickens out of those shoes and I kept to my promise. They went from casually lounging next to a model ship to tearing up the dance floor. Kelly is a super talented wedding photographer but most importantly, a crazy cat lover, the kind that wants ALL the cats, and! best of all! she and John are owners of a Maine Coonish beauty named Reese. My Maine Coon Bingley and Reese are boyfriend-girlfriend. It’s all very wonderful. Kelly’s Dad had John open a present during toasts, with a preface that the gift was to be a gentle reminder of who is really in charge of their marriage. It was a photo of Reese, of course, and that is how she made it to their wedding!

      It was great to work with the staff of Chatham Bars Inn, videographer Justin of Lucent Productions and Anthony of JetSet Sounds.

      A huge congratulations to Kelly & John. It was such an honor to be your photographer!! (and calligrapher. Girl really made me work hard for the money!)


      Pure joy! Loved every single image.

      Yayyyyyyyyy!! So so sweet. Love every image. Love the people in them.