I am so happy to officially unveil a project that’s been in the works for some time now. It is a collaboration between Fat Orange Cat Studio and Parrott Design Studio, and so I’m calling it The Orange Parrott Collection. The Orange Parrott Collection is a set of hand-lettered Save the Date cards, written by yours truly and letterpress printed by the very talented Sarah. These cards are now available to those who book me for their wedding photography services…and who may also be paper fans looking for something lovingly hand-made at an affordable price as well!




      There will be 10 colors to choose from, as well as a set of icons to incorporate into the design. For the pet lover there are kitties and doggies in love! Those are my favorite.


      I am so excited about being able to offer these Save the Date cards. I was determined beyond anything to incorporate calligraphy into my wedding photography packages…the hard part was to do it in a way that was valuable, affordable, and made sense in the whole time line of wedding planning. Photography is a service that’s usually booked early in the process when couples know two core things: where the wedding will be held, and when.

      Well, the same is true for Save the Dates! No need to know anything beyond the where and the when. Just pick a color, an icon if you wish, and you’re on your way to receiving a bundle of simple but beautifully crafted cards that celebrate the art of letterpress and hand-lettering!

      The Orange Parrott Collection will be offered exclusively to clients who book me for wedding photography services. So to potential clients and paper lovers out there, feel free to inquire more about the Collection. We would love to create Save the Dates for your wedding. And then photograph it! :)

      Behind the Scenes at the product photo shoot:


      How to incorporate a big fat godzilla cat into the Collection.


      The save the dates are amazing but Bingley might be my favorite part about the pictures above :)
      Great work as awlays!

      Groovy!! I love every one of the colours, icons and calligraphy!…li i love these. i may have to earmark them for the day (if it ever comes) i get engaged! so beautiful, so creative!

      LOVE!! You are so crazy talented! I want to get married again b/c I love the doggy one so much!

      Li, these are so awesome! Congratulations on such a perfect collaboration!

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