Best investments of 2011:

      Thanks to Dan, Lisa Rigby, Jen Ing, Abby Christensen and Jen Huang for some of these photos!


      My favorite is the one of you with all 3 cameras hanging off you, laughing at the video crew behind you! :)

      just amazed at how your business has grown! have a great new year and more behind Li in action :p

      My gosh, you’re so darn tiny I don’t know how you carry all those big camera’s around! Hopefully you won’t end up with major carpel tunnel. Loved all the behind the scenes shots!!

      I love the one where the flowers are concealing the cameras and you look like a guest!
      I also love seeing all these shots – it is great for this aspiring wedding professional (I want to get into DOC-ing!) to see what other professionals wear on the job. I’m just not a pantsuit type of person, you know? I think you look great in all your outfits!

      Love your fashionable wedding photog attire!