A Stroll in the Park



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  • Christina Strahle Muzio said:

    Hi Li...
    With your amazing photograhpy we will have amazing memories of our dearest Kepler even during his difficult times.
    Thank you for your amazing work!! He was such a fighter and an inspiration to all - and you can see all that in just one of your pictures!!
    Sincerely, Christina (Kepler's Aunt)

  • James and Kepler said:

    Li, I wanted to thank you for capturing these buitiful images of Kepler. It's easy to love Kepler, he's my best friend and he never once, through all of his injuries, gave up....both as a dog and a friend.

  • claire said:

    that first shot is simply stunning.

  • dina jones said:

    Those are terrific photos. Your candid photography is just incredible.


  • april said:

    what a moving shot! after my parent's pug got hit by a car, my dad rigged up a baby walker for him to be able to get around since his hips had to be reconstructed... looked like a homemade version of this :)

  • Molly said:

    I think these are incredibly beautiful. What love... and also determination. You rock, as usual.

  • Andra said:

    Wow - a stop and make you think shot... agree with paula - a beloved member of the family for sure...

  • paula said:

    Aww. That's a loved doggie. Most people would just put him down. Poor baby.