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      Libby and Joseph were married on a appropriately sunny Cape Cod day at Wychmere Beach Club. The day was steeped in so much family, love, and tradition, like the Groom’s Table which I’ve never experienced before. And yes I had to look it up afterwards! It was wonderful to photograph. After the requisite singing, drinking, eating, and dishing of advice, Joseph and the men danced over to Libby and the women in an adjoining room, where the ketubah was signed and the ceremony continued outdoors on the lawn. And of course let’s not forget the Hora. I have to say, it took just about all my mental, physical, artistic, technical capacity to keep up with this jam-packed celebration (which ended with a bonfire on the beach)! Thank goodness I had my friend Sarah Der to be my partner in crime; her film prowess was added to the mix. Her photos are included in Libby and Joseph’s wedding day highlights above!

      Venue: Wychmere Beach Club, Harwichport Massachusetts | Karen Rood, coordinator (I kind of loved her)
      Bride’s Dress: Augusta Jones
      Groom/Groomsmen’s bowties: Lilly Pulitzer
      Catering: Catering by Andrew (delicious)
      Florals: Lilacs Florals
      Band: School Street Band