My friends at Pinhole Press make wonderful, customized paper goods out of your photographs, like the ones below from this season’s weddings. I had these made as gifts for my clients, and couldn’t help but include some calligraphy to make it even more personalized. It meant me scanning in the lettering, opening Photoshop, pasting in the image of the lettering with the wedding photo I wanted to use, saving it, uploading it to Pinhole…Just so you know, I added about 4 extra steps for myself! The calligraphy on Bill & Maggie’s notepad is actually a photograph off their wedding invitation, so that was nice reuse :). The step of uploading your images to Pinhole is all you need to worry about. Seriously no-fuss.

      Notepads by Pinhole Press


      See for yourself how easy it is to get your own customized paper goods. Pinhole Press is having a 1-day holiday sale right now! So get your favorite wedding, travel, baby image files out of your hard drive and onto calendars, wine labels, and journals, to name a few. Enter code “holidaykickoff” and receive 33% off your entire order until Nov 4, 2011 9am EST.

      PS I just saw this post on their Pinhole Pro Community site: how their products are made. A really great behind-the-scenes!