oldnorthchurch__0001.jpgI second shot for Lisa Rigby for Katie & Ian’s wedding at the end of May. Like my couple Amanda & Bryce the week following, Katie & Ian had their ceremony at the Old North Church. It was not nearly as hot – or as dry – that day, but we were still able to get some lovely portraits at the courtyard of the Boston Public Library and the gardens of the church later on. The reception was held at Smith & Wollensky in the Back Bay. This is the first wedding I’ve been to where the groomsmen were incredibly excited about the “first look” and adamant that they be there to witness it, ha ha! Over at the Church I went crazy photographing the exterior and interior. The overcast day added to the quiet mystery of the space.

      Head over the Lisa’s blog for more from Katie & Ian’s wedding day. Here are my highlights!

      oldnorthchurch__0002.jpg oldnorthchurch__0003.jpgoldnorthchurch__0004.jpg oldnorthchurch__0005.jpg

      oldnorthchurch__0012.jpg oldnorthchurch__0006.jpg


      oldnorthchurch__0008.jpg oldnorthchurch__0009.jpg oldnorthchurch__0010.jpg oldnorthchurch__0011.jpg oldnorthchurch__0007.jpg oldnorthchurch__0014.jpg oldnorthchurch__0019.jpg oldnorthchurch__0022.jpg


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