Gangnam Style and I met and Julie and Adam’s wedding back in September 2012. Lately I’ve been getting all of my pop culture introductions at weddings, especially songs. It’s weird how some thing can be completely nonexistent in your life one second to being completely everywhere the next. Julie let me know while we were doing portraits that they would be dancing to “Gangnam Style” at the reception. After I gave her the blankest look I’ve ever given anyone, she tried to explain its mission statement: Korean pop song that encourages pony rides and rodeo line dancing. That cleared nothing up for me. But when I saw it I got it! It’s a lot better than the Macarena, that’s for sure..

      The wedding was held at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center. Photos were shot with digital and medium format film, and this set has been selected and arranged by Lisa Rigby!

      julie_0002.jpg julie_0003.jpg julie_0004.jpg julie_0005.jpg julie_0009.jpg julie_0006.jpg julie_0007.jpg julie_0008.jpg julie_0010.jpg julie_0011.jpg julie_0012.jpg julie_0013.jpg julie_0014.jpg julie_0015.jpg julie_0016.jpg julie_0021.jpg julie_0018.jpg julie_0019.jpg julie_0020.jpg julie_0023.jpg

      julie_0037.jpg julie_0022.jpg julie_0025.jpg julie_0024.jpg julie_0029.jpg julie_0028.jpg julie_0030.jpg julie_0026.jpg julie_0027.jpg julie_0031.jpg julie_0032.jpg julie_0035.jpg julie_0036.jpg julie_0033.jpg julie_0034.jpg