One of my favorites weddings of the year was on the one rainy weekend of this otherwise perfect summer we’ve had. That was in no small part due to the sunny faces of Daniela, Adam, and their merry band of friends that drove the rain away. It did stop long enough for us to get outdoor portraits after the ceremony, which was held inside Borsari Gallery’s wine cellar. I know when couples plan for an outdoor ceremony, especially on a place like Cape Cod, being driven indoors may be a little disappointing at first. Maybe you’re concerned how the photos will turn out. But I took one look inside the cellar and relished at the shadows, the rock wall, the low wooden beams, the small flickering candles. Instead of brightness and green, we got moody and warm. We got a whole lot of romance. That’s not bad at all.

      Congrats Daniela and Adam! And Liberace too, Daniela’s Yorkie who was a part of getting ready and could not keep his eyes off his mom.

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      Venue: Bosari Gallery on Dennis, Cape Cod
      Coordinator: Tabitha Karch
      Dress: Sarah Seven
      Wedding Invitations & Illustration: Laura Shema of Jolly Edition (LOVE THEIR WORK!)
      Flowers: Misty Florez of Nectar, Woburn MA
      Caterer: Eat Your Heart Out, Falmouth MA
      Cake: Delicious Desserts, Falmouth MA
      DJ/Band: Cape Cod Tunes