It’s been raining hard the last 24 hours, a tree a few doors down from us cracked and fell, and we were all startled out of sleep at 3 in the morning to the sound of chainsaws and wood chippers. But at press time the sun has just come out, it’s Friday, and I’m now feeling very good in the neighborhood. I thought we’d start off the weekend right with a pair of pugs named Teddie and Skippy. They live in a beautiful South Boston neighborhood, full of really lovely Victorian houses with views of the water and downtown Boston. It was a really hot day during our shoot so instead of heading to the beach, we went to the park and hung out in the shade and breeze. Afterwards everyone was ready for a nap! (or in my case, an ice-cold beer)


      sobopugs__0004.jpg sobopugs__0002.jpgsobopugs__0003.jpg sobopugs__0005.jpg sobopugs__0006.jpg sobopugs__0007.jpg sobopugs__0009.jpg sobopugs__0008.jpg sobopugs__0010.jpg sobopugs__0011.jpg


      Pugs have such a funny quizzical look on thir little faces, adorable.

      Thanks for such a wonderful day and great photos, Li! We are thrilled with the results!