Back in April I had the pleasure of photographing a trio of felines in Beacon Hill. Their names are Juanita (below on the left), Mocha (below on the right), and Mimi. Juanita sat nicely for one portrait, and after that first shutter click her pupils dilated to the size of basketballs and she was not seen or heard from again! The other ladies hung out with me and in between pictures we gossiped about other cats and braided each others hair. Too bad Juanita missed out on all the fun. Their mom Monica is a pet sitter in Boston whose speciality is caring for your pet -at your home- where they are most comfortable. If you are a cat owner and if you travel frequently, then you know cats are not the types to be boarded at day care, so this is great service! Some of our photos from the day are featured on Monica’s new website, Happy Creatures Pet Care.

      bhcats__0001.jpg bhcats__0002.jpg bhcats__0003.jpg bhcats__0004.jpg bhcats__0007.jpg bhcats__0005.jpg bhcats__0006.jpgbhcats__0012.jpg bhcats__0010.jpg bhcats__0009.jpg bhcats__0008.jpg bhcats__0011.jpg


      Oh… love!!! Cats are such amazing creatures!