I am wayhayhay behind on photo sharing, so before another week goes by without content, I thought I’d post some quick photos of the one thing that can be understood in all languages: MEW MEW MEW.

      Our neighbor Marna and friend of the Animal Rescue League of Boston invited us over for the first in what I hope will be an on-going series called “Kittens and Wine Friday.” In a safe and welcoming environment, we drink wine, nibble on cheese, and discuss the current state of kitten affairs. The kittens in question this week (and probably the next) were Freddy and Trip, a pair of 5 week-old orphans that Marna is currently fostering. She took over for another foster whose responsibility was to bottle-feed these little gremlins, since their mother had died shortly after giving birth. They are but weeeeee weeeee things.

      This is Trip:
      Freddy at Five Weeks

      This is Freddy:





      And this is Figaro, aka The Big Fig!


      He was the first cat I photographed at the shelter many moons ago. After months and months at the shelter, Marna ended up adopting him. Figaro is the most awesomest cat ever, don’t tell Veebs or Bunny. He is a full-figured boy with garlic bulb markings on his face and is just such a character. He so far has helped foster 6 kittens or so, showing them how to properly stalk and chase string.

      Trip and Figaro

      Here he is with Freddy – the little black blob at the end of the string – for scale.

      Figaro and Trip

      A big thanks to Marna and Figaro for hosting Kitten and Wine Friday! We’re hoping to reciprocate the gesture soon…Again, don’t tell Veebs or Bunny.


      These are amazing! I love them.

      These are awesome! I especially like the one of Trip in the window and also Figaro and mini-me with the string. TOTALLY made my day!

      What Molly said. Thanks for sharing!

      What great pictures (as always)! Makes me want to get another kitten, they are so much fun…I will not tell Veebs or Bunny, if you don’t tell Hope and Daisy!

      Figaro! I remember him! The shot where you see both kitten and Figaro is freakin’ hilarious! They are so teeny! Figaro is so huge! How does he keep balance on the arm of the couch?!?

      Adorable! Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than with wine and kittens. Love the shot with the kitten and the hand-really shows how small she is!

      these pictures are Fantastic! and OMB. that last picture?! the BEST! love it… and why am I not surprised that a kitty named Figaro has helped foster 6 kittens already?! what a great helper! :)

      Love them! Especially the last photo!

      Heehee!! I WUV them! That last one… TOO CUTE! :)

      Oh my god, If my own cat wasn’t looking out at me from this page I would make me run to the ARL to get a kitten.

      On my goodness, could Freddy and Trip BE any cuter? Great pics.

      MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOoooooooooooOOOOOW adore these li!!!!!!!!! xoxo