Say hello to this pretty little nugget named Simone. She’s a brindle French Bulldog like Ruby but with a blaze on her forehead that makes you think she’s a Boston Terrier at first glance. She was very happy to show off some of her “sit” vs “down” skills on this day. Personally though, she much prefers down over sit. Also, even though the backyard snow made for an interesting high-key effect, we’re all done with it. Dogs and humans alike, we’re all ready for spring!
      simone__0002.jpg simone__0003.jpg simone__0004.jpg simone__0005.jpg simone__0006.jpg



      French bulldog is not my favourites breed, but Simone is lovely!

      …that is one good-looking pup. Great job Li!

      I love her. SHE IS SO DANG CUTE!!!!

      Oh my gosh I want to steal that little fur ball! The images are adorable, fantastic and perfect as usual Li.

      I love the way the background is none existant in those pictures in the snow. Makes for a really neat effect.