It is with a sad and heavy heart that I announce the loss of a much-loved and cherished member of the Fat Orange Cat Community…


      I went down to the Cape to photograph Kit Kit at the end of July, and it was just barely after I posted the proofs for the owners, and wrote that post about how Kit Kit doesn’t like to stray too far from home that he did just that.  Rather than being adorned on the mantle, my photos were on have-you-seen-me flyers posted around the neighborhood. I was hoping there would be a happy ending: Kit Kit finally scratching at the back door, jumping onto the living window sill to be let in, everyone would cheer, extra bowl of milk and two days of bed rest…but it’s been over 3 weeks now. This is the last week the owners will be at their Cape house before they pack up and head home for start of the school year (both are teachers). Kit Kit is still MIA, and presumed…you know. MIA for some time more.


      Here are some more photos of Kit Kit, along with some accompanying behind-the-scene shots.

      FatOrangeCatStudio 006KIT_033

      FatOrangeCatStudio 016KIT_057

      FatOrangeCatStudio 008KIT_035

      FatOrangeCatStudio 015


      I’m so glad we had our photo session.



      Hope you find your way home, wherever you are.


      Ugh. My heart goes out to this family. What a sweet looking cat!

      Nooooooooo!!!! Your photos of this wonderful kitty have brought me so much joy, and I know that they will now be treasured by his owners. Hopefully, they will be reunited with Kit-Kit soon.

      How very sad! I hope to hear good news of KitKit’s return home soon!

      What a sweet kit kat =( hope he finds his way home…

      That’s just heartbreaking! What an angel… I hope he is okay. Sigh, this makes me so sad…

      The fact that he used to be an outdoor cat means, in all probability, his survival instincts kicked in the second day he wasn’t home. Best thing his family can do is personally alert all the people in the neighborhood as well as leave their names and numbers with them so that when he shows up at their doorsteps they can contact them. It’s very likely he is so close to home that he’s watching them call him from the cover of a nearby bush. I have countless stories from my years at the shelter of people who have lost their cats and are relieved when a month or two later, they find kitty on the back porch looking at them like they did something wrong. Two pieces of advice you could pass on…have them get a “have a heart” trap from the local shelter, put some smelly wet food/tuna in it and set it up in their backyard. They may also catch a racoon but it’s easy enough to open it and release an animal they didn’t want to catch. Second piece of advice, spend an evening out in the backyard on a blanket with low lights and a book. This worked for one woman who searched high and low. It wasn’t until she did this that around 1am, her cat came meowing to her. Last piece of advice, contact all the animal shelters in the area and leave a flyer and continue to call them once a week every week. Chances are, someone will find him and bring him in. Fingers crossed they find him before they leave. :(

      Oh no :( Kit Kat’s family will be in my thoughts, and hopefully he’ll make a triumphant return very soon.

      Ugg! What a awful feeling! I hope Kit Kit returns in time. If I were you, I’d be keeping my eyes peeled for him long after the owners leave. Nothing would be better than a photographer turned into heroin when reuniting family and sweet fluff ball Kit Kit. Prayers for the family. My two dogs are our “furkids” and I know how devastated I would be if they were lost…

      Oh what a sad post to read, I do hope as Maria mentioned above, that his survival instinct has kicked in. Great advice up there. Hope that he makes his way home.

      Poor Kit Kit and family. They’ll all be in my thoughts. Maria gave some great advice.

      Oh no, that’s so sad! I hope Kit Kit is still alive! It is a good thing he was an outdoor cat, that will help. Please let us know if someone finds him!

      oh, poor Kit Kit and his family. That’s heartbreaking. On a happy note, I’m howling at the behind the scenes shots! I often think I’m the only one who gets in such weird positions to photograph animals. I think I’ll take an assistant with me next time! Wonderful photos as usual.

      That must be so hard… My heart goes out to his family. I know KitKit is fine… Animals know what they’re doing when they leave home. I hope this story has a happy ending though!! I love how lots of people are calling him “kit kat” though. Haha. :)

      I agree with Maria. Friends of mine had their Siamese escape during the dead of Winter. He was gone for two weeks. They canvassed the neighborhood daily, spoke with all the neighbors, left food on their porch, etc. Eventually, a neighbor saw him meowing on the porch at the front door one night and again the next night and woke them up at 2am to let them know. He was basically hiding in the next yard over.

      I’d pass on Maria’s advice and have them to maybe ask a willing neighbor to make an effort. Poor baby. :( And poor family. :(

      I had a friend whose cat escaped, and she started to hear it in the middle of the night, but it was just so scared. She borrowed a have-a-heart trap from a friend, and caught it a few nights later on her front porch. After an anti-skunk shampoo, he was very happy to be back home. I hope Kit Kit finds his way home.

      Li, do you have any news on Kit Kat?

      Still no news on Kit Kit :-( I’ll be sure to keep tabs.

      How heartbreaking! I hope Kit Kat is safe and sound…