While I was at the styling workshop last week in GA, someone asked me what kind of weddings I shoot. I ask myself this question all the time so you’d think I’d have a good answer. But it’s so complicated. Just a few years into this business I feel like my preferences are changing all the time. If you asked me my first year in business what kinds of weddings I wanted to shoot, I would have said something like “backyard wedding in someone’s private home. Hopefully there will be a wrap-around porch and mint juleps on the cocktail list.” Aw wasn’t I just precious. If you asked me at the start of the second year what kinds of weddings I wanted to shoot, I would have said, “city weddings…where I can walk to the venue.” Only a year in and some pragmatism had creeped in. I was having this crazy aversion to driving, not having done so or even owned a car in forever, so any out-of-city wedding required a Zipcar rental and a husband to chauffeur me around. What a nice guy he was that year! But Mr. Nice Guy no more. The third year we got a car and I finally started driving myself, and I could appreciate both city weddings and “country” weddings for what they were.

      So now I’m in my fourth year of photographing weddings. Far from seasoned but my eyes are most definitely more open. I’ve come to the realization that, with the natural inclination to grow and try new things, it’s easy to overcomplicate. It’s easy to focus on the objects rather than the soul of the matter. In the end it all boils away, down to this: I want to work with GOOD people, NICE people, people who enjoy a laugh or two, a drink or two (and then recycle their beer cans afterwards). People who have great family and really great friends. People who get romantic with each other…and WITH THEIR PETS! And if they don’t have a pet to romance, they wish they did! It’s at the top of their Christmas list! There is a reason I started my photography business in pets. There’s a reason I never changed my company name, or spun off a new one, when I started weddings. And this year it feels all the pieces are starting to come together.

      Coming soon on the blog: Philena & Brian and their Swissy at the TAJ in downtown Boston | Sam & Jeremy by the sea at Misselwood Estate, Beverly, MA |  | Dana & Adam and their dog on the bucolic grounds of the Pierce House in Lincoln, MA |  Mai & Jacques and their cat Nanito at the award-winning Oleana Restaurant in Cambridge MA | Margaret & Randy with their dogs on Moraine Farm, a lakeside estate designed by Olmsted | Molly & Roc at the historic Codman Estate in Lincoln, MA.


      Oh can’t wait to see the full posts!