Back in April 2010 we were invited over to our neighbor’s house for Wine & Kitten Friday. The kittens, named Trip and Freddy, were a pair of barely-formed orphans being plumped up and groomed for adoption at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.



      We did one more Wine and Kitten Friday a couple of weeks later. Their eyes were no longer blue, and their legs had grown so that they could actually walk instead of waddle. They were so cute it was unforgivable. I had an immediate favorite. Trip purred every time I picked him up, and even for a rambunctious little kitty he sat nicely in my lap, while Freddy ran around the apartment in a frenzy. Not that Freddy wasn’t perfectly edible as well! He was just a little more into exploring the world.




      Now I have met with many a cat in my life, and the only two who enjoy sitting in laps and who look you in the eye and purr are Bunny and Veebs. They are rare breeds, very rare…I looked at Trip in my lap, Trip looked at me, I looked at Dan, Dan looked at me, Trip looked at Dan, Marna (the foster) looked at all of us and laughed, because she knew we had decided right then and there that he was coming home with us.

      Towards the end of May, Trip was ready to be adopted. We took him home just a few hours after his surgery, and renamed him Bingley. Bingley is a character in my favorite book Pride & Prejudice. Everyone likes him because he is always good-natured and so pleased to meet your acquaintance…














      It broke my heart a little that we couldn’t bring both brothers home. The way they played while at the foster’s! gah! so cute! Bunny & Veebs were shelter brothers too, so it would have been satisfyingly symmetrical to have two pairs of brothers in the house. But the Elders, as they are now called, are well, elderly, and as you can see from above, they are constantly under seige. Two kittens would probably just finish them off for good. Luckily for everyone, Freddy didn’t need to spend a day at the animal shelter either! He was adopted the same day by Lisa. We are now cat in-laws. Crazy cat in-laws.

      A couple months later Lisa brought Freddy – now Buddy – over for a play date. But the light, carefree kitten play of yore was over. Both had sprouted sharp teeth and talons in the months apart, and Bingley’s kick-the-crap-out-of-every-cat-I-see stage was especially in high gear. Buddy hasn’t been over since. I don’t blame him.



      Click for more heartwarming photos of their reunion!

      When he’s not being a jerk, Bingley enjoys playing fetch. (!!!!) (!!!!)












      Bingley in May at barely a pound to Bingley now at 14 pounds.

      I’ve never owned a cat from such a young age, and it’s been so fun to watch him grow, especially the tufts under his paws and his luxurious mink stole of a tail. His hips are growing at a much faster rate than his head, so he’s a very shapely bowling pin. Lisa and I have decided Bingley and Buddy are Maine Coon/Siberian/Forest Cat/panther/banshee mix, so I’m really hoping Bingley will be go from the smallest and largest cat I’ve ever had. Bigger is better!

      This cat kicks ass.

      Edited to add: Here are a few photos of Buddy all grown up. He’s turned into quite a sleek and sexy little minx!


      Bingley has a little man face now! Our boys are so grown up. Buddy (aka Freddy) is still running wild all over the apartment. But he does do that thing were he sits on your lap and purrs while looking into your eyes. They are such sweet cats! And they both have teenie heads.

      I left my website link as a slideshow to a few pics of Buddy. :)

      I love these never-seen-before photos of Bingley, especially ones where he’s cuddling with his older brothers.

      Bingley has grown into a handsome, eligible bachelor–how apt!

      omg, he’s a big loveable boy!! looks like his brother may be another father breed. my calicos & their siamese mix of a brother are from diff dads but totally the same litter when i found them. love the pictures & this post! :)

      OMG! Those are the cutest pics ever! Augh!

      He is so freakin’ cute! I’d take him home too! Even if he is a holy terror! HA!

      Awesome photos. He certainly has grown into quite the young man. Nice to see how your other cats have accepted him as well. What an absolute love. Oh, I better go look at the other photos too!

      Ahh- don’t do this to me!!! Kitten pictures… Ahh!! I love kittens! And Bingley is just soooo cute! :) Makes me want another little baby.

      Love that he plays fetch- my mom’s little boy kitty (Little Dude) does the same. He adores pipe cleaners… (rolled up into balls)

      I love how he was named – I love Bingley in Pride and Prejudice too. And such a beautiful cat. I admit I laughed at a few of his antics that showed up in the photos… The Elders seem to have accepted him quite well – at least when he is sleepy…

      If you can, more cat posts please :) You really capture pet personality well and I adore cats

      […] We Took Him Home. OK, so you know I’m not a huge cat fan, but whoa. Reading this post made me seriously consider getting one. That first picture with her hand full of kitten? Killing me. (Fat Orange Cat Studio) […]

      Yummylicious Bingley – one who fetches – I so want to eat him up!!
      Wish my now coming up to 2 years old ‘kittens’ are this cute (also rescue) – shh don’t tell ’em I said that!!

      Isn’t it fun (and so sad) to watch them grow up? I love how Bingley was all fluffy head as a kitten and is now all fluffy tail.

      AAAAAA!! Cats carrying things in their mouths are so friggin’ cute!!

      I see your cats cuddling with the new cat and wish that my cats would cuddle. We brought in a new kitten (semi-feral) in June and she and my other guy mainly just chase each other around battling all the time. I hold out hope for cuddles, though! One day…when they’re friggin’ old and can’t be bothered to battle anymore. :)

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