Radish at 3 weeks old, 10 oz. So cute I just THREW UP.

      Radish is getting fattened up (via bottle aaaaaaah!) by our dear friend Marna, an angel to all cats in need, who at the time of this writing is very groggy due to the once-every-3-hour feedings. Milk warmed and tested on the wrists and burpings and everything. This is a real baby. Radish already has a new home waiting for her – friends of Bingley’s brother’s mother. Did you get that? Bingley is looking forward to meeting Cousin Radish, who I have a feeling is gonna grow up to be a majestic MAINE COON too. Her paws are already huge. That’s how I know.



      I love these pictures! Radish is both an awesome name and adorable little kitty!

      AHHHH Lisa is adopting Radish!!

      He is absolutly lovely!!!!!!

      That is a pretty ridiculously adorable kitten. We adopted an adorable (but not quite as tiny – 1.75 lbs) kitten in the fall of 2010 who also turned into an enormous Maine Coon! See link below. Good luck little guy, looks like you’re getting an awesome start in life!


      Oh be still my heart.