I took this photo yesterday from high atop the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. I was doing a photo shoot at the base of the monument and we luckily finished up just as the rain started to come down, but having never visited the monument I decided to say a quick hello before heading home. I hauled myself and all my camera gear up 300 steps to the top. I’m embarrassed to say my calves are not happy with me right now but the views were worth it! I took this picture my new iPhone – and not one with any of my fancy cameras ha ha – and added some filters with Instagram. Peak fall in Boston, brownstones, cable bridge, ominous clouds hovering over a cityscape, Sandy threatening to strip all those trees of their pretty golden leaves. I’m obsessed with this photo.

      Today everyone is holed up at home to weather out the hurricane. Right now the trees are ruffling in the wind but the worst is yet to come, supposedly. I tried to shut down the office but had no excuse to do so. Ah the non-perks of working from home!