Oak Alley Plantation


Things to do while in New Orleans:

1. Eat beignets at Café du Monde
2. Have dinner at Cochon
3. Order chargrilled oysters at Felix’s
4. Sit at the Hotel Monteleone‘s Carousel Bar and enjoy a Vieux Carré
5. Buy perfume at Hové
6. Sit in the courtyard of Pat O’Brien’s with a hurricane
7. Meander around St. Louis Cemetery #1
8. Take the free ferry across the Mississippi River to Algiers
9. Take a streetcar to the Garden District
10. Find a sweet olive tree and inhale deeply
11. Drive an hour west to Oak Alley Plantation – the live oaks are massive with beautiful octopus arms! Be sure to grab yourself a mint julep to enjoy while walking the grounds.
12. Crash a wedding parade in the French Quarter (we crashed 3!)

We spent some of the holidays in New Orleans with my mom. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. The colors, the smell, the fauna, the food. All a little strange and very very secksy. I only spent grades 3 to 5 in Baton Rouge but every time I go back it feels a little like home. I thought of having my wedding at Oak Alley Plantation, but maybe I can photograph one there instead…?! Or any of the ones held around the French Quarter so I can a legitimately be a part of the awesome brass-band wedding parade without their photographers shooting me dirty looks? Would work out nicely since their high season is the Northeast’s low season…Anyway I hope to be back again soon, if not for wedding then for all the crawfish I can eat! With the camellias in bloom! Spanish moss swaying in the warm spring wind! Jazz!

All taken on film except for the night shots.
Film developed & scanned by the fine southern folks at Indie Film Lab!