Here are more calligraphy items I delivered the last couple of weeks.

Save the Date envelopes for Michele and Freddy’s intimate beach wedding that I’ll be photographing in October. Michele owns a hand-made invitation business and made these cards herself. The envelopes are Kraft-like from Paper Source. She let me do as I pleased (they all did really, yay!) so I went with a mix of cursive and script.

Save the Dates


Justine and Chris’s “In lieu of favors…” sign with illustrations. From top left going clockwise, they are Figaro, Clive the Springer, Lita the Chihuahua (the bride’s dog) and Freddy the Norfolk. Only Figaro spent time in a shelter :)

Calligraphy and illustrations

"Can you read that?"

I just photographed their wedding this past weekend, and caught a couple of young guests studying the sign. One asked the other, “Can you read that?” Ha ha.


Signs on faux chalk boards galore! When wedding planner Jennifer Cox of Esq. Events asked me if I’d be game to do these for her sister’s wedding, I thought, Why the hecks not? I have never written with chalk ink before – should be interesting. And it was! The only thing I didn’t take into account was how much time this would take. I thought I’d scribble these all out over a World Cup match. Match over, and only 5 boards done. 28+ more to go. Uh oh. Anyway, this was a mix of writing and drawing. I wrote the words in cursive, then drew and filled in the thickness on each letter. Jen gave me plenty of pens and I pretty much used up every single drop of chalk ink.

So we have various signs, table numbers one through twelve which will be inserted into the floral arrangements, main menus that will go on each table, and a couple of hors d’oeuvres menus.

Welcome signs

Hand lettering on faux chalk boards

Table numbers on Crate & Barrel herb signs

Table numbers


Hors d'oeuvres and main menu


I cannot wait to see how all these look in their final settings!