Fat Orange Cat moo cards

I said to myself that I would consider my photog business officially launched once the portfolio was up, the blog was up, and my business cards in. All three. I’ve been working the last month on the site, and finally my cards have come in.

They’re MOO business cards and they’re fantastic. I ordered just a set of 50 first, to see how they look. I picked 45 of my favorite photos, and interestingly some of them did not translate well at all onto a little card. Anyway that’s fine, because I plan to order 200 next using just 20 photos so that I can have duplicates. With these 50 I’m going to have a hard time giving any of them away since they’re all one-of-a-kind, for now.

The group of cards on the left made the cut.

Fat Orange Cat moo cards

Very happy with these cards. They’re the recycled “Green” versions, but are still sturdy.

In order to keep this post fair and balanced, I’m now going to rant. The cards are in, but I am still not officially launched. I’ve been having major headaches with my site. I ignored my own favorite piece of warning/advice – You Get What You Pay For – and went with a cheapo hosting plan from GoDaddy. Running your site on their shared server is unbelievably slow. An utter joke. As soon as I installed WordPress for the blog, the whole thing ground to a sticky, ugly halt. I did my due diligence to optimize performance, but to no avail. Page loads went on and on and on. By the time a page finally finished loading, I had already been dead for many years. Do a quick google search on “godaddy wordpress slow” and you’ll get back a hefty set of results. Wow I wish I had researched this better, what’s the matter with me.

I can’t wait to move and get this show on the road already.