Before I start shooting, I always have a picture in my mind’s eye how I’d like a capture to look, either based on the lighting around the subject at the moment, the subject’s mood, the subject’s surroundings. Lately though, I’ve been taking on a more “macro” approach, seeing not just the capture as it appears in front of me, but in large-scalish print – matted, framed, propped on a mantel or hung on the wall. The whole finished product. And since I think photos have more visual impact when arranged in a group, I’m no longer just thinking about one capture, but a series of captures at a time. Because at the end of the day, these photos are not meant to be squirreled away inside shoeboxes or between pages of an album, even. They are meant to be ON! DISPLAY! and I want to be able to give customers ways of doing it that will have the most visual and emotional impact.

So here is just one example: photos in the same color and pose or angle “family.” I think design-wise it’s cohesive, and most importantly, an effective way of telling a story.

Below is a B&W series of Kitty. We have the same pose, but different angles. Kitty was quite comfy in her loaf pose, so I had to work with that before I disrupted her cat zen and made her actively participate.

Taken individually, I don’t think these photos are SO so interesting. Except for perhaps the giant heart-shaped rump shot, my goodness. Taken together though, the photos take on a whole new dimension. Kitty’s personality comes through, and it says, That’s right, human! Front, side, back, I’m sexy from all angles!

Below is another B&W series of Kitty. This time, it’s the same angle, but different poses.

These are all in 8×10’s. When looking through the online proofs, Kathy, the owner, wasn’t sure she wanted anything bigger than 5×7’s, since most photos already on display in her place were no bigger than 4×6’s. But I told her what she needed to hear: Bigger is better!! For these you MUST go for 8×10’s at least, and those 8×10’s MUST be grouped in threes, and those three MUST be ones of Kitty reaching for the dangling mouse. Must. That’s just how it had to be. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to convince her of this, heh.